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Original Prusa Mini+


Product description

  • The material of the enclosures is 4mm Acryl, PMMA
  • Front and back enclosure are the same size: 388 x 247 x 387 mm
  • Weight of both: 0,8 kg
  • Fasteners are available as STL files free of charge
  • The enclosures are always sized according to the printer


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Shipping fee

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Product details

Common benefits using enclosures:

• It saves electricity costs! Enclosure reduces electricity consumption by 20-30 percent. The print space can be kept cooler. Also, the heating of the extruder and the table is faster
• It helps to maintain a constant temperature when 3D printing with high-temperature filaments like ABS, ASA, Nylon, etc. – better printing quality
• Traps or limits fumes emitted into the room
• Protects your printer from dust
• Keeps kids and pets safe from moving parts and hot components.
• Noise reduction

atmos3D enclosures are much more:

• Easy to install - is attached to the 3D printer body - enables ventilation under the printer
• The display screen is outside the enclosure
• The front cover can be removed quickly when printing PLA
• Confidentiality - using opaque enclosures, different colors
• An inexpensive printer can be turned into an industrial-level device

Screws and nuts are included in the shipment.

Download Original Prusa Mini+ Enclosure Installation Guide

Here you can download the STL files of the fasteners

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